Nicols Plumbing and Heating Drain Cleaning

High pressure drain jetting is the fastest, most economical and environmentally friendly approach to keeping your drains clear of blockages and problem free!

With drain jet cleaning [otherside know as drain jetting], high pressure water is forced through the drain, cleaning the interior of the drain. One of the biggest problems we encounter dealing with drainage problems, is the deposits of fat and grease collect inside drains. Much the same as cholesterol build up up you arteries, the diameter of drains continually reduces with fat and grease build up, until the drain becomes blocked. Drain jetting is a fast, effective way of clearing this kind of build up from your drains.

The duration of the drain jet cleaining depends on the length of drain, diameter, configuration and amount of deposit build up within the drain. The drain jetting duration won't be more than several hours, and will deliver you years of problem and blockage free drains.

Ignoring a drainage problem won't help. If you find that drain blockages are occuring more frequently, you should consider drain jetting as a preventitive maintenance action for your drainage problem.

Directly after dealing with a blocked drain, is the best time for drain jet cleaning, to make sure the same blockage won't be happening again. When our drainage engineers are on site then will inform you whether drain jetting is advisable or not required.